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Cala Hills Residential Villages, Ocala, Florida

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Question: How much are the White Oak Village Homeowners Association dues and when are

                they payable?
Answer:   Full details of all the Homeowners' Dues are listed on the HOA DUES page.
Question: Does the Country Club have rooms that can be rented for meetings, weddings,
                receptions etc.?
Answer:   There is a large Banquet Room and a smaller Sunset Room available for rental at
                reasonable rates. Call: 352-873-6353 for reservations.
Question: Is White Oak Village the only village in Cala Hills?
Answer:   There are two other  villages, Lakeview Village and Hickory Oak Village.
Question: How many housing units are there in White Oak Village?
Answer:   There are 102 units but not all properties have homes on them at this time.
Question: Is this a friendly neighborhood in which to live and are there many families with
                children living there?
Answer:   It is an exceptionally pleasant neighborhood. There is a good mix of various
                types of families, including some families with children.
Question: Would you describe White Oak Village as a generally safe place in which to live?
Answer:   Very much so! Although it is located within the city limits, the atmosphere is so
                peaceful and quiet it is sometimes hard to remember that we are literally only a
                few minutes away from all the shops, doctor's offices, hospitals and other
                modern conveniences.
Question: I have questions about my Homeowners Dues statement. Who can help me
                with this and answer my questions?
Answer:   You should contact our bookkeeper directly. You may email him at:
                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You may also send regular mail to our address:
                White Oak Village HOA, P. O. BOX 3093, Ocala, FL 34478.


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